Overview of Module

  • Module 1 is a coaching module of the IMPACT: Trauma-Informed Coaching Modules.
  • It introduces wellbeing and PERMA as a foundation to growing the capacity of children and young people.
  • IMPACT Coaches can access the learning content for the 20 IMPACT: Trauma-Informed Coaching Modules here.


  • Supporting adults (carers, youth workers, teachers, families, support workers, social workers) who provide support for children and young people with complex needs, including trauma.

Growth Intent

The growth intent of the module is as follows:

  • Grow awareness of 'what is wellbeing' and to define or construct wellbeing in one's own words.
  • Grow awareness of PERMA as a model of wellbeing, and the five elements.
  • Grow skills to develop a brief growth plan related to wellbeing.

Suggested 'How'

This module is designed to be explored side-by-side between two or more people. It is recommended that the supporting adult who facilitates the exploration goes through the following steps.

  • Reviews all content on this page, downloads the resources and watches the video. The supporting adult should be able to confidently answer all reflective questions prior to initiating any exploratory conversations with others.
  • Create a positive and nurturing environment, free from distractions, to support the exploration of content.
  • Offer an invitation to others to explore the content, but give permission for them to engage with or reflect upon the content to a depth of their choosing. Use the provided factsheet to deepen the conversation and to offer examples.
  • Reinforce that wellbeing is a complex topic, and the content today provides an important angle to explore this content. However, there are other ways or lenses to explore wellbeing, and communicate that you are open to all perspectives.
  • Talk about how you have found the content useful in your own life.
  • Watch the video, pause where suggested, and answer the reflective questions through conversation. You can choose to answer the questions on the worksheeet. Provide appropriate self-disclosure during the reflective questions.

LBI Resources

LBI offers the following resources that can be downloaded to support the exploration of this content.

PERMA Factsheet

Presentation Handout

Supporting Video

External Links

PERMA Explained (Including Research)


This module has been designed to provide generalist education for individuals, families and communities to better understand the concept of wellbeing and how to grow wellbeing capacity.

These resources are not a replacement for clinical or professional advice. Individuals should always consult their health professional regarding the applicability of this content for their context.

For more information on the "PERMA", see book "Flourish" by Martin Seligman.