Overview of Module

Module Learning Competencies (Growth Intent)

The broad growth intent or learning outcome of this modules is that "Trainees can articulate wellbeing in their own terms and link it to what they feel, think and do, and develop a PERMA map of how the five PERMA elements are expressed in their life.  

This is broken down into the following building blocks of growth intent:

  • Grow awareness of how the term ‘wellbeing’ can be understood and described in many different ways.
  • Grow awareness that wellbeing is something we experience through thoughts (think), feelings (feel) and actions (do).
  • Grow awareness of why wellbeing is important for us to consider.  
  • Grow awareness that PERMA (and the five elements) is a simple way for us to understand and improve our wellbeing
  • Grow the mindset “wellbeing is something I value and can improve and strengthen”

Module Resources, Videos and Linkages ("How")

IMPACT Coaches are encouraged to draw upon their own wisdom, strengths and creativity in "how" they deliver this module. The following are potential "how" resources that can be applied in the teaching of this module.

"What-What-How" Teaching/Coaching Plans

The delivery of this module is designed to be personalised to local context, as supported by a What-What-How teaching or coaching plan (for template click here). Sample and example plans can be found here: