Overview of IMPACT-6

IMPACT-6 are 'application modules' of the IMPACT Program.

They include six core skills (or competencies) that have been scientifically shown to be predictive of higher:

  • Wellbeing.
  • Resilience.
  • Whole-of-life outcomes (or the ability to make a positive impact in one’s life).

Use and Intent of the IMPACT-6 Modules

LBI Foundation IMPACT Trainers deliver the IMPACT-6 Wellbeing and Resilience Skills as a one-day training package (or 6 x 1 hour sessions) to organisations and teams.

To support their wider dissemination and consolidation within communities, we have opened up key content of the modules for IMPACT Coaches to deliver to their community for any non-commercial purpose and within the confines of the IMPACT Coach role.

The intent of the modules are to support the intentional and explicit delivery of six foundational wellbeing and resilience skills competencies, as:

Personalised to local context, cohort and needs (or "what is happening").

Delivered with a clear growth intent (or "what is important).

Drawing upon local wisdom, strengths and creativity, and applying both implicit and explicit learning strategies ("how" the module is delivered).

IMPACT-6 Modules

Module 1: What is Wellbeing, Resilience and PERMA?

Module 2: Mindfulness and Regulating Feelings

Module 3: Growth Mindset

Module 4: Actioning Values

Module 5: Assertive Win-Win Communication

Module 6: Balanced Thinking and Gratitude