LBI Foundation, supported through partner communities, have developed a set of brief social-emotional learning and wellbeing modules (IMPACT-SEL and Wellbeing Modules).

What are the IMPACT-SEL and Wellbeing Modules?

The SEL and Wellbeing Modules are brief areas of learning content designed to support children, young people and adults develop key social-emotional learning and wellbeing competencies. Each module includes a brief What-What-How of the (1) rationale of the module (e.g., what's happening), (2) what's important in terms of the learning (growth intent), and (3) how actions and strategies, including resources and tools.

Use of IMPACT-SEL and Wellbeing Modules

These modules can be used by IMPACT Coaches for any non-commercial purpose and within the confines of the IMPACT Coach role in their community.

Current IMPACT SEL and Wellbeing Modules

Modules are being built up overtime, and currently include: