We want to help you to help others to successfully navigate this period.

We offer an explainer video, supported by a suite of factsheets, that provides clear messages that can be understood by people of all ages to navigate, grow and thrive through this period.

Video: Wellbeing and Resilience in World Uncertainty

Factsheets Supporting Above Video

These factsheets extend the content in the attached video.

Explaining COVID-19 to Children and Young People: Resources to Explore Side-By-Side With Children and Young People

Explaining COVID-19 to Children and Young People: How to Communicate

Good Self-Care and Wellbeing Strategies

The following LBI Foundation video provides an overview of wellbeing and the PERMA model as a method to build personal and collective wellbeing. It is designed to be explored side-by-side between two or more people. It is linked to LBI Foundation's Care IMPACT Community Development Stream.

The following are a selection of key resources and contact points during this period.

Can you please notify us (info@lbi.org.au) if you find any engaging, simple and clear explainer tools/videos.

Our Approach: Science to Practice

LBI Foundation's approach is to support you to integrate the science of wellbeing and resilience (and trauma-informed practice) with the knowledge and wisdom you already hold.

To help you help others in times of COVID-19 uncertainty, we have identified three foundational building blocks, that you can bring to your focus in your supporting adult roles. These building blocks are made practical through strategies, and are grounded on the science of positive psychology, trauma and growth, and knowledge translation. Across all the communities we support, we will be bringing focus to energising these building blocks through caregiving, teaching and supporting adult roles.

LBI Foundation Services and Community Development Initiatives

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