Trauma-responsive practice is an approach and set of actions where supporting adults, communities and systems understand and bring ongoing awareness to the unique needs and contexts of humans.

This practice brings a particular focus on trauma and adverse life experiences, and their behavioural, neurological, emotional, developmental, cognitive and social eff­ects.

Through this awareness, trauma-responsive practice is a set of implemented actions (or expressed skills) where supporting adults, communities and systems bring intent to five key pillars.

  • Personalised and Broad Understanding of “What’s Happening”
  • Side-By-Side Support (Safe Base)
  • Responding to Need (Safety and Trust)
  • Building Capacity (Growth and Upskilling)
  • Collaboration and Growth Planning

LBI Foundation offers training, tools and strategies to enable the science of trauma-responsive practice be implemented by agencies, communities and systems. We have exclusive rights to the IMPACT Program.


Factsheet Download: What is Trauma-Responsive Practice